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Who We Are

Your hosts Michaela and Ricardo welcome you to Lake Chapala and our LakeChapalaRetirementSeminar.

We love Ajijic and and our lifestyle here and want to share what it's like to live Lakeside.

Moving to Lake Chapala is a big step towards a new life and we understand that some of you may be apprehensive in making this move.

Michaela arrived in Ajijic on a Focus on Mexico Seminar in 2010 where she learned about life in Ajijic. She fell in love upon first sight and moved down to the village two months later.

Ricardo came in 2013 and fell in love with Michaela, the great weather and all the activities. Together we have built a lovely home and life in Rancho del Oro

You can read more about our lives before we moved to Ajijic.

About Our Seminar

What We Offer:

A 6-day, 7-night personalized package to introduce you to the possibility and logistics of retiring to the Lake Chapala. The package for one or two people includes round trip airport transportation from Guadalajara, a beautiful, first-class, luxury studio apartment, daily breakfast plus visits with 9 professionals to learn about banking, moving, health care, insurance, evacuation insurance, automobiles, immigration, renting and purchasing a home.  Lunch, dinner, and extra paid activities are not included in the cost of this package.

As long time knowledgeable residents, we provide you with all the information on what it is like to live here in a personalized, fun trip of discovery.

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Ahhh, one of the most asked questions. How much do I need to spend to purchase a home in Lake Chapala? As anywhere in the world, it comes down to location, price of land, quality of construction, and items like a pool and view.

As of the end of 2020, the average price of a home sold in Lake Chapala was $250,000 USD. This figure comes from the MLS listings at

This figure encompasses many areas of Lake Chapala from Ixtlahuacan and Aqua Escondido to Santa Cruz to Jocotepec and even the south side of the lake and parts of Guadalajara. It is impossible, therefore, to provide you with a figure just for Ajijic Village but suffice to say that Ajijic and the neighboring residential community of La Floresta has the highest per square meter land values on Lake Chapala's shores. Having said that, there are still good deals popping up in Ajijic and you can still get a place for less than $150,000 USD in Ajijic and La Floresta because of the variety of housing options......

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IMG_20181107_111755408.jpg's a difficult word to pin down and it means so many different things to so many different people, but one of the things that I still love most about Mexico is the freedom. I'm not sure how I can describe it but I never felt as free in Canada as I do in Mexico.


This blog was inspired when I was told a story recently by our client and I wanted to relay it to you for you to consider. Here's what he said....


"I just thought of a wonderful and emotional and truthful statement for you to help people in your passion for helping people escape. Now that I am here in Mexico, I realize it's a wonderfully private cash economy, which I really do love.

I just cancelled my prestigious American Express Gold card and it's humongous annual fee....