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Making Expatriating Easy

Looking to make a well informed, smooth transition to living at Lake Chapala as an expat or a snowbird?
At Retire in Lake Chapala we've got your needs covered during all the stages: planning, moving, settling into your new life.
Our team provides an honest, comprehensive and personalized approach based on our combined 25+ years of experience living in Mexico.
Working with us helps you choose the best of services and professionals to assist you with moving to your new country.
We cover all necessary aspects, including Immigration Visas, banking, owning/buying a car, cost of living, activities and personal interests, medical services, insurance, and so much more.
This is one of the biggest decisions anyone can make in a lifetime, why leave things to chance?
At Retire in Lake Chapala we are here to help and assist you at every step, with every process.
About Our Week Long Personalized Seminar

Lake Chapala Retirement Seminar offers you a 6-day, 7-night personalized package to introduce you to the possibility and logistics of retiring to Lake Chapala.

The package for one or two people includes round trip airport transportation from Guadalajara International Airport, accommodations in our beautiful first-class luxury studio apartment, daily breakfast, plus visits with professionals to learn about banking, moving, health care, insurance, medical evacuation, automobiles, immigration, renting and purchasing a home.  You'll also receive in-house classes on a variety of topics such as internet & cell phone services, shopping online, home maintenance and so much more!

(Lunch, dinner, and extra paid activities are not included in the cost of this package)

As long time knowledgeable residents, we provide you with all the information on what it is like to live here in a personalized, fun trip of discovery.

Deposit of $399 required - Balance due at start of program

Minimum 2 week advance booking required

Cost $1899 USD

New For 2023   -   4 Day Accelerated Program
Introducing 4 Day Programs For People On A Tight Timeline

Our 4 day Personalized Accelerated Programs  on moving to Lake Chapala has all the same information and professionals that the 'week long' Personalized Seminar offers.  This is a great way to get the information you need and still have some days to enjoy the area on your own during a brief visit to Ajijic. 

Tour the areas where 80% of the expats relocate to, visit with a doctor, immigration lawyer, mover, rental specialist, and real estate agent, and get the information you need to make an informed move to Lake Chapala.

Documents on a variety of other topics will be emailed to you during the program for self study.

(No meals are included in the cost of the program)


Dates for 2023 are filling up fast so contact us as soon as possible. 

Choose from Monday-Thursday (recommended), or Tuesday-Friday.  Click on the links below to download and view the itinerary most suitable to your schedule.


No deposit.  Full payment is made at the start of the program.  Cash only

Minimum 1 week advance booking required

Cost:  $800 USD

Which Seminar is Right For Me?
Lake Chapala Retirement Seminar offers different Seminars to choose from.
Which one should I choose?


Both the Week Long & 4 Day Accelerated Program are fully customized to do, see and learn the things you are most interested in and will have only you and the Private Tour Guide!


The Week Long Personalized Seminar  includes accommodations and airport transfers. We do more in-depth touring of the various communities, and by staying in our luxury studio apartment, you will get a better feel of what it is really like to live as a local.  You will have more time with your tour guide plus interactive sessions going over the additional course materials. Perfect for the new visitor or one who requires extra attention.  Many of my clients say it is a vacation!

The 4 Day Accelerated Personalized Seminar  is perfect for the independent traveler or one who has visited before, as it does not include accommodations or airport transfers. We still tour the different communities but remain in the areas where 80% of the expats relocate to. Additional course material is provided by email. Perfect for those on a tight timeline or require less hand holding

Both Seminars provide free time in the evenings to explore on your own.

In both programs you will receive the tools, connections and knowledge to make a successful and informed expat transition to Lake Chapala.

For more information and to help you decide which is right for you, please CONTACT US


Ajijic is one of the biggest ex-pat communities in Mexico with roughly 10,000 permanent expats residing in the area.  Being a retirement destination for over 70 years means it offers more North American amenities than any other small Mexican village for it's size.

What's it like to live in Ajijic?  Find out all the information you need by visiting our blog page with over 120 information packed blogs!  Here you'll find all the answers to your questions about renting, buying, local markets, activities, healthcare, clubs, neighborhoods and so much more.

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If you are thinking to Retire in Lake Chapala then why not make it easy on yourself? The right agent should not only be able to help you in purchasing a home, but also help make your transition to Lake Chapala as simple and as easy as possible. After all, you are not just moving to a new state or province, but to a new country and culture!

If simple and low-hassle is what you’re looking for, concierge service may be your best bet. Often, buyers who go this route are eager to avoid the complications that can happen when employing just a regular real estate agent. Instead, they opt for a well informed individual or team who can streamline the process. This person or team should be detail-oriented, well-connected, and (most of all) invested in going above and beyond for their clients! So choosing the right Real Estate agent and agency can make all the difference in the world.

If you’re wondering whether Real Estate Concierge Service is right for you, then here is what you should know…

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Lake Chapala. Maybe you're just dreaming of making the move to Mexico and/or you just keep pushing it off for various reasons, but there has never been a better time to make the move. Don't procrastinate any more!

Why move now? First off, there has never been a better time to sell your home in the U.S or Canada. Home prices are through the roof and the bubble looks like it's set to burst in the upcoming year or two. Rising interest rates and inflation are starting to slow the economy and home values have finally reached their peak as the Feds try to carefully release the air in the real estate bubble as gently as possible. So cash in now while the market is still moving and home prices are high. There has never been a better time!

Conversely, home prices in Lake Chapala have gone up too but only by about 50%, not the 200-300% increase that NOB home owners have seen.

Secondly, the Mexican government.....

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