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About Our Personalized Seminar
About Our Group Seminar

A 6-day, 7-night personalized package to introduce you to the possibility and logistics of retiring to the Lake Chapala. The package for one or two people includes round trip airport transportation from Guadalajara, a beautiful, first-class, luxury studio apartment, daily breakfast plus visits with 9 professionals to learn about banking, moving, health care, insurance, evacuation insurance, automobiles, immigration, renting and purchasing a home.  Breakfasts included. Lunch, dinner, and extra paid activities are not included in the cost of this package.

As long time knowledgeable residents, we provide you with all the information on what it is like to live here in a personalized, fun trip of discovery.

A 5-day seminar loaded with information about moving to Lake Chapala. The seminar includes 15 professional presenters to learn about insurance, automobiles, rentals, real estate, medical, property management, evacuation insurance, banking, immigration, moving, taxes, tech stuff/telecommunications, wills, & Mexican vacation spots.


This seminar also features time with other recent expats to exchange information and personal experiences as well as the opportunity to take trips to Guadalajara and Tequila after the program.

More information on our website.

Seminar Dates:

Feb 28-Mar 4             July 18-24           Oct 17-23, 2022
Which Seminar is Right For Me?
Lake Chapala Retirement Seminar offers you two different Seminars to choose from.  Which is right for you?

The Personalized Seminar is fully customized to do, see and learn the things you are most interested in.  And, the Personalized Seminar will only have you and the Private Tour Guide.  We do more in-depth touring of the various communities, and by staying in our luxury studio apartment, you will get a better feel of what it is really like to live as a local.

The Group Seminar provides you with access to even more professionals than the Personalized Seminar but in a classroom setting. You'll still have time to ask questions of the professionals but will have to pursue personal requests outside the presentation time allotted. We still tour the different communities but in less detail compared to the personalized seminar. Both Seminars provide free time in the evenings to explore on your own.

Additional activities such as a trip to Tequila and Guadalajara Centro Historico can be purchased at discounted rates during the Group Seminar.


In either program you will receive the tools, connections and knowledge to make a successful and informed expat transition to Lake Chapala.

For more information about either program and to help you decide which is right for you, please CONTACT US

News & Publications
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It might be said that the citizens of United States are experiencing a huge rise in dissatisfaction about their country. If you are considering leaving the U.S for Lake Chapala then you've come to the right place. With over 100 blogs of information on our website, Free Tours, and unlimited access to us for questions, we have you covered. Contact Us at We make expatriating to Lake Chapala easy!


Even with COVID, a lot of people are still looking to leave the U.S for political or economic reasons. And what better place to move to than Lake Chapala? In fact, I've recently read that 13% of the U.S population is planning on retirement abroad.


A large part of the desirability of living abroad is economic and if you own your own home in Lake Chapala you can live comfortably here on.....

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“Living here is an experiential process, not a logical one.” ~ Marc Miller


My wife, Camille, and I are wrapping up our initial reconnaissance trip to Ajijic, preparing to move here permanently after the first of the year. We’ll have been here for two weeks when we catch our flight back to the U.S.


The first week was spent under the guidance of Ricardo, as he took us through his Retire in Lake Chapala Seminar.


Pro Tip: Take, his seminar! You can’t do this on your own.


Ricardo has been invaluable in leading us......

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